Do this: Healthy habits for your next holiday

Do this: Healthy habits for your next holiday

Holidays, travel and little getaways are all part of a very balanced and meaningful life. We work hard in our job and at the gym so we can really enjoy that sabbatical from reality. Taking a holiday is not only a great way to reduce your stress and achieve some balance but it gives you a chance to explore, learn and connect. However so many of us go away on that hard earned vacation and our luggage isn’t the only thing returning a bit heavier. On top of that we can feel bloated, tired and inflamed all before returning back to work on Monday. This doesn’t have to be the case. Try these five tips on your next holiday so you can return feeling refreshed, fit and ready to tackle Monday head on.

#1 Practice intermittent fasting

When travelling, especially overseas there are so many great food options on offer. From freshly baked croissants in France to $1 cheesy pizza slices in New York. Use the tool of intermittent fasting to be able to eat these foods guilt-free. Forego breakfast and allow your body to fast for 14 – 16 hours before your next meal. Break your fast with a nutritionally balanced meal and then walk to that cafe on the corner to mindfully enjoy that buttery croissant you have been eyeing off. With intermittent fasting you don’t have to eat one less meal in a day, in fact you can still fit three meals in – just in a smaller eating window. 

#2 Save the delicacy for the last day

Gelato on the beach is a must do for most summer trips. However as soon as you get that first taste, you may be craving it each day after that. Instead save your gelato or other decadent treat for near the end of the trip. This way you can still enjoy that experience without having a week long sugar rush.

#3 Get active

Walking the streets of Europe or hiring a bike to ride along the coast is an excellent way to stay active whilst on holidays. And too be honest is probably the best way to get around in some places. However sometimes walking is not quite enough and your body needs a high intensity, sweat inducing workout. One way to do this is do your own at home or outdoor H.I.I.T session. Or my favourite, and also a great way to get to know the locals is sign up for a fitness class at a nearby studio. Cities like New York and LA have cutting edge workout classes yet to hit the Australian shores. First time passes are usually free or discounted so have a google and try a new fitness class whilst travelling. You’ll enjoy that 5pm cocktail even more.

Use Forme Superblends as a pre-workout to give you that extra boost of energy you need to perform.

#4 Allow one party guest

Choose your party guest when you go out for a meal. This means when going out for dinner for example instead of having a blow out and ordering the burger and the sugary cocktails, choose just one party guest. If you really want the cocktail, order the cocktail and choose a dinner that is nutrient dense. Such as a burrito bowl, salad with protein and healthy fats, the burger without the bun and extra side salad or the tuna tartare. Alternatively if you can’t look past the nachos then hold off on the cocktail and order soda water or locally sourced red wine.

#5 Skip the snacks

Snacking is hard to keep track off. Most commercial snacks such as cereal and granola bars spike your blood sugar levels which will leave you feeling hungry just a couple of minutes following. A few bars, nuts and dried fruit later you have eaten a meals worth of calories and you are on your way to lunch. By taking out the snacks you get to enjoy three nutrient dense, locally made delicious meals. Nothing ruins wood-fired Italian pizza like a bag of chips. If you do find yourself hungry between meals it may indicate you aren’t having enough healthy fats or protein or alternatively you may just be a little dehydrated.

Whether your next getaway is a local road trip or an overseas expedition use these five tips to stay healthy and still enjoy your favourite foods whilst on holidays.

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