Fuel your workout, naturally

hit that last rep, burn more fat & build a stronger body

How to: fuel your workout

You have put in the effort to get yourself to the gym, to go for a sunrise run or attend your 4th CrossFit class for the week. Get the most out of these workouts by fuelling right. With the right nutrition you can increase your bodies ability to burn its own stored fat, gain more muscle mass and have the stamina to last the whole session.

Take care of your body and it will perform better, longer and recover faster. This begins with eating real whole food. Science has shown we no longer need to rely on carb loading, refined sugary sports drinks or protein powders filled with additives and preservatives. Instead use natural ingredients that your body is designed to thrive on.

By eating real food and using real ingredients you will

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Boost testosterone levels
  • Build a stronger immune system
  • Feel more energised
  • Last longer in workouts with less fuel  
  • Lose weight
  • Increase lean muscle mass

A real whole food diet consists of eating a balanced combination of a variety of plants, well raised and organic protein, natural fats and complex carbohydrates. Your body needs adequate protein to help repair and grow lean muscle tissue.

However more importantly is having enough natural fats in the diet. By eating more good for you fats your body gets better at burning its own stored fat instead of relying on external glucose for energy. Commercial protein powders and pre workouts often contain high levels of refined sugar, preservatives, additives and hydrogenated industrial seed oils. These ingredients impair the recovery process, increase susceptibility to infections, reduce testosterone levels and leave you feeling flat, flabby and fatigued.

Fuel your body the right way with real ingredients.

Suggested products

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Fuelling your workout with a nutrient dense smoothie? You are missing a key ingredient: the Coconut and Vanilla Superblend.

The perfect combination of coconut milk, MCT oil, medicinal mushrooms and Shilajit extract provide you with efficient fuel.

Increase your bodies ability to burn more calories with MCT oil but provide the brain with adequate fuel in the form of healthy fats from the coconut to stay focused during the entire workout.

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The Raw Cacao Superblend makes for the ultimate pre workout. Combine 2 scoops with hot water and sip thirty minutes before your session.

The cacao is a natural stimulant and combined with MCT oil will provide you with instant energy that increases your metabolism.

The 5 medicinal mushroom mix will sharpen your mind and act as an anti-inflammatory to protect the immune system during those really tough workouts.

Plus Shilajit extract boosts testosterone levels to provide anabolic effects and help support lean muscle mass growth.

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The Reshape Herbal Infusion is based with green tea, a potent antioxidant. Green tea has been shown to slightly increase ones metabolism.

Not a fan of coffee? Drink this herbal infusion before a workout to get the fat oxidising benefits of green tea. Combined with coconut and mango chunks to give this green tea a real tropical summer flavour.

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