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How to: further your health

A strong foundation of health comes from eating a real food diet, incorporating regular movement, having a mindful practice and being connected with your environment. Once these basics are mastered it's time to move from surviving to thriving. Further your health by including the extras or the one percenters.

Youthful skin, clarity of mind and an overwhelming feeling of wellness can be unlocked with the help of these extras. Think powdered forms of superfoods, medicinal mushrooms, adaptogenic herbs and ancient minerals. Or lifestyle practices such as intermittent fasting, the use of essential oils, regular cleanses and switching to toxic-free products.

The aim of these products, practices and supplements is to align your hormones, help you adapt to stress, clear out toxins, reduce inflammation and allow the body to function at its peak.

You might be thinking is it really necessary all these extras, but our modern society exposes us to

  • increased emotional stress
  • environmental toxins
  • nutrient depleted soil
  • nutritionally void food and food like products
  • inflammatory ingredients
  • minimal contact with the environment and fresh air

Due to this, we believe it is important that we are doing the extras and one percenters to keep our body out of dis-ease and in a state of complete wellness.

Our favourite one percenters

  • our Superblends into your regular coffee or tea
  • grass-fed collagen powder
  • infrared saunas
  • cold water therapy
  • mineral salt baths
  • supplementation of antioxidants
  • regular consumption of medium chain triglycerides and extra virgin olive oil
  • fermented foods, prebiotics and probiotics
  • practicing grounding - being barefoot in nature
  • intermittent fasting or time restricted feeding
  • connecting with the community or having a spiritual practice

Suggested products

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Strengthen your immune system with the combined efforts of medicinal mushrooms and turmeric. Both work to stimulate, enhance and improve the immune response and reduce inflammation so you can stay well all year round.

Add a scoop into hot water first thing in the morning to make a delicious adaptogenic turmeric latte. Used to kickstart your wellbeing, cleanse your mind or detoxify after last nights cocktails.

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The mix of five medicinal mushrooms plus the raw cacao make for the ultimate antioxidant and stress adaptogenic blend. Help calm your mind, centre your thoughts and enhance your wellbeing with this creamy and chocolate-y addition to your coffee, tea or smoothie.

Perfect to keep you glowing and thriving through the afternoon. We only use natural ingredients so you know you are putting the best into your body.

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Ditch the caffeine and feel renewed with this herbal infusion.

Based with rooibos tea leaves, this herbal infusion has more anti-oxidants than green tea. Promotes youthful skin, improves digestion and makes for a great afternoon hot drink.

Paired with organic cacao nibs and coconut to give the tea hints of chocolate.

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